Building and Enriching Partnerships features videos of Kindergarten teams sharing their ideas about how they, as teachers and DECEs, develop their partnership together. Exploring these partnership stories will help you foster and sustain the relationship you have with your Kindergarten team partner. Additionally, there are several keynote speakers discussing key strategies you can incorporate as individuals and as teams.

This section serves as a companion to the ETFO resource, Building and Enriching Partnerships in Kindergarten, which is available for purchase through ShopETFO.

Headshot of Bo Yih
Bo Yih Thom
Exploring Communication
Fatimah Khan and Sarah Hastie
Secrets to Our Success
Julie St. Onge and Danielle Lecoq
Opportunities for Growth
Nanette and Paula smiling while being interviewed
Nanette Ansah and Paula Martins
Building Our Relationship
Joel and Cheryl smiling at the Island School
Joel Seaman and Cheryl Johnson
Building the Partnership
Teachers Pam and Spencer chatting during interview
Pam Rao and Spencer Cappellazzo
Learning Together as a Team
Headshot of Erin Ramsey
Erin Ramsey
Be Amazing in Life & Relationships
Headshot of Amy Gallo
Amy Gallo
Dealing with Conflict