Keynotes and Interviews features keynote speakers from ETFO Kindergarten conferences offering current research and best practices on a wide variety of topics. These keynotes and interviews support your professional learning and can be revisited often when reflecting on your program and developing your understanding of new topics.

Headshot of Amy Gallo
Amy Gallo
Navigating Classroom Conflict
Headshot of Jean Clinton
Jean Clinton
Well-Being and Relationships
Headshot of Bo Yih
Bo Yih Thom
Exploring Communication
Headshot of Erin Ramsey
Erin Ramsey
Be Amazing in Life and Relationships
Headshot of Cathy Bruce
Cathy Bruce
Spatial Reasoning
Cathy Bruce and Tara Flynn talking
Cathy Bruce and Tara Flynn
Early Years Mathematics
Doug Clements and Julie Sarama
Learning Trajectories in Mathematics
Headshot of Kimberly Bezaire
Kimberly Bezaire
Early Years Educators