PLEY Chats highlight teachers and DECEs who are sharing their passion in the early years. These chats are meant to provide inspiration for other educators and allow individuals and/or teams a window into another educator’s thinking and classroom. The content will give you ideas to build upon, wherever you are in your journey.

Reflective questions to consider:

  • How does this topic resonate with you and what connections are you making?
  • What wonderings does it leave you with?
  • What idea(s) would you like to delve into?
  • What obstacles or challenges will prevent you from moving forward? How can you problem-solve through these challenges?
  • What resources can you access to support you?
  • How can you infuse these ideas into your setting?

Marcia Bumbury and Angela Di Nardo
Early Years Math Toolkits
Sandra Rosekat
Documentation… Valuing the Learning
Joel Seaman and Cheryl Johnson
Building an Inclusive Classroom
in Kindergarten
Nanette headshot
Nanette Ansah
Authentic Learning Experiences
Kenisha and Gail sitting down for a chat at ETFO
Kenisha Bynoe and Gail Bedeau
Culturally Relevant and
Responsive Pedagogy
Andrea Bolton chatting from her classroom
Andrea Bolton
French Immersion in Kindergarten
Anamaria Ralph headshot
Anamaria Ralph
Big Things Happen in Small Spaces
Karen and Shannon posing together for photo
Karen Morrison and Shannon Nash
Parent Relationships Through Play
Pam Rao
Pam Rao
The Block Centre…
Our Favourite Place!
Leah Kearney headshot
Leah Kearney
Playing & Learning Outdoors