This section was created as a support for our ETFO Building and Enriching Partnerships in Kindergarten workshop and to feature videos of Kindergarten teams sharing their ideas about how they as teachers and DECE's develop their partnership together. There are several keynote speakers discussing key strategies you can incorporate as individuals and as teams.

Marcia & Angela on Working as a Team

Marcia & Angela share their journey working together for 5 years.

Tracy & Cheryl – Our Partnership

Tracy & Cheryl talk about how they have built and continue to enrich their partnership.

Bo Yih Thom – Exploring Communication

Exploring Defensiveness and Assertive Communication

Nanette & Paula – Building Our Relationship

Nanette and Paula talk about how they have worked on their relationship.

Joel & Cheryl on Partnership

Joel & Cheryl talk about their partnership and building an inclusive classroom.

Karen & Erica – Starting as a Team

Karen & Erica talk about how their relationship supports conversations about the children & the learning environment.

Pam & Spencer – Learning Together as a Team

Pam & Spencer share how what they learn together as team impacts what happens in the classroom day-to-day.

Erin Ramsey – Be Amazing in Life & Relationships

Erin talks about how to build a better relationship with yourself and others.

Amy Gallo – Dealing with Conflict

Amy is the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict and a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review.