The Classroom Tours section of this website was created to share conversations with educators in the early years who are on a learning journey with their children. The educators you will meet in these various conversations will discuss their classroom learning environments and their thinking behind the choices they have made. We hope this opportunity will provide you with a glimpse into other classrooms, as well as points for productive conversation and reflection.

Marcia & Angela

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Bird Inquiry, Self-portrait wall & Outdoor learning space.

Nanette & Paula

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Drama Centre and Science Centre

Andrea Bolton

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Centre d’Block, Studio des’Arts and Building French Vocabulary for the Children

Kenisha & Alana

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Infusing CRRP into the Kindergarten classroom, Community of Colour, Block Wonders and Flower Inquiry

Anamaria Ralph

VIDEOS INCLUDE: The Art Studio, Discovery, Math and Book Areas and Portfolios.

Joel & Cheryl

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Quiet Cave, Building a Ferry Boat, Creating an Outdoor Learning Area

Tracy & Cheryl

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Learning Areas, Math in the Classroom and Portfolios.

Karen & Erica

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Collaborative Art, Makerspace, Magical Black Box

Kim & Claudia

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Our Outdoor Classroom, The Space, Supporting Children's Interests, How Would You Begin?

Pam & Spencer

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Start of the Day, Blocks, Math Games, Light Studio, Dramatic Play

Serge & Sam

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Using the iPad and Studio / Discovery / Communication / Dramatic Centres.

Lianne & Suman

VIDEOS INCLUDE: The Tree Branch Inquiry, The Building Centre, The Art Studio, Kaleidoscope of Colours

Joanne & Julie

VIDEOS INCLUDE: The Sky Inquiry, Planning, Morning Board, Inquiry Binders, Creative Expressions Learning Area, Assessment Portfolios

Shara-Lynn & Amy

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Planning and Drama Centre