This section was created as a support for our ETFO Language of Learning workshop and to offer videos of Kindergarten teachers and DECEs sharing their thinking about documenting and communicating learning.

We hope this learning opportunity will provide you with a glimpse into other classrooms, as well as points for productive conversation and reflection about documentation.

Marcia & Angela Document Students Math Journey

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Math Journey Documentation

Sandra Rosekat – Documentation in Action in the Classroom

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Learning Stories & Where Can You Begin?

Sarah Alexander & Jenn McFarlane

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Ways We Organize Our Documentation, Advice from the Team and Sharing with Parents.

Joel & Cheryl on Documentation

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Documentation and Everybody Needs a Rock... the Power of Documentation

Tracy & Cheryl on Documentation

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Planning and Documenting Learning, Portfolios and Documenting Children’s Learning

Stephanie Hammond – Documentation Tour at Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Using Documentation in Learning Spaces and The Tools I use to Document Student Learning.

Jennifer Giardino & Jessica Milligan

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Documentation to Inform Planning and Finding Your Own Documenting Style as Team.

Katie Fitzsimmons

VIDEOS INCLUDE: Many Uses of Documentation in the Classroom