Keynote speakers from ETFO Kindergarten conferences offer current research and practices addressing a wide variety of topics. Speakers were interviewed and asked questions created by members to address wonderings members have about these topics. Explore the topics and speakers who support your professional learning.

Amy Gallo – Navigating Classroom Conflict

Amy talks about types of conflict and how to navigate it in the classroom.

Jean Clinton – Well-being & Relationships

Jean talks about self-regulation and co-regulation, social and emotional development.

Bo Yih Thom – Exploring Communication

Exploring Defensiveness and Assertive Communication

Erin Ramsey – Be Amazing in Life & Relationships

Erin talks about how to build a better relationship with yourself and others.

Cathy Bruce – Spatial Reasoning

Cathy presents her research and findings on spatial reasoning in mathematics.

Cathy Bruce & Tara Flynn

Cathy and Tara discuss early years mathematics in Ontario, spatial reasoning, mathematics play and intentionality.

Doug Clements & Julie Sarama

Doug and Julie discuss learning trajectories, intentional teaching, instructional groupings and play in mathematics.

Conversations with Dr. Kimberly Bezaire

Kimberly discusses the child as learner, the educators in classroom play, the learning environment and more.