Pam Rao – The Block Centre… Our Favourite Place!

Pam Rao shares her passion for the block centre. Over many years, she has researched the importance of building with blocks, the connections to mathematics and literacy and alongside the children and her partner they have gathered and created the block centre you will see and hear about today.

Released: April 25, 2018
Videos: 12

The Block CentrePLAY VIDEO
Building the Block CentrePLAY VIDEO
Educator WonderingsPLAY VIDEO
Educator Thinking and ResearchPLAY VIDEO
Organizing the Block CentrePLAY VIDEO
Stages of Block BuildingPLAY VIDEO
Loose Parts in the Building CentrePLAY VIDEO
The Educator at the Block CentrePLAY VIDEO
Ramp InquiryPLAY VIDEO
Literacy in the Block CentrePLAY VIDEO
Our Favourite PlacePLAY VIDEO