Angelique Thompson and Kenisha Bynoe talk about their beliefs about how children learn and flourish, how to create learning environments that support playful learning and how that learning is valued and communicated to children and their families. Their passion for elevating the role of play-based learning and how it shapes classroom culture is also woven through the PLEYChat.

Released: August 15, 2023
Videos: 11

“Children should be able to see themselves reflected in the materials but also in the experiences that are had at school.”

– Angelique and Kenisha
The Beliefs that Drive Practice
The Importance of Play
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Play
Planning Opportunities for Learning
Intentionality in Our Planning
The Power of Loose Parts
Noticing and Naming the Learning
Documenting and Communicating the Learning with Families
Nurturing our Relationships with Families
Invitations for Learning
Invitations for Learning